Funding FAQ

What is the repayment schedule of loans? Offers term loans with a repayment schedule of 3 to 30 years We do not offer short-term revolving lines of credit. However, our loans may complement new or existing short-term, asset-based credit lines for accounts receivable and purchase order financing provided by other
What is the cost of ABVIG Partner’s financing? The cost of ABVIG Partner’s loans is attractive compared with other forms of term financing available to SMEs and their principals such as mezzanine debt and equity. Loans to overseas-based borrowers are generally tied to LIBOR and adjust quarterly or semi-annually. Loans to U.S.-based borrowers are generally tied to and adjust with the U.S. Prime Rate. Fixed interest rate options are available under most of our programs. The all-in cost will depend on the amount, term and structure of he loan, as well as on the credit strength of the borrower and project. Following a preliminary review, ABVIG Partners will provide a prospective borrower with an estimate of loan costs.

How long will ABVIG and its partners take to review our loan request, and if approved, close the loan? ABVIG will let you know within 15 business days following our receipt of a business plan (including financial information) if we are interested in considering the loan and if so, what additional information is necessary for us to underwrite the loan. From the time we receive all of the necessary information and approve the loan internally, ABVIG Partners targets a loan closing within 30 to 90 days, depending on which of our loan programs best fit your needs.

Does ABVIG Partners finance start-up businesses? We will consider financing for a Greenfield project undertaken by an existing business to develop new products and/or geographical locations. If your loan request does not fit within ABVIG Partners’ loan programs, we will refer you to another financing source that is better-suited to meeting clients’ needs.

How do we apply to ABVIG Partners a loan and services?
In order to conduct an initial evaluation of your loan/service request ABVIG requires a comprehensive business plan, ownership information, 2-3 years of fiscal financial statements plus the most recent interim financial statements, and details regarding the proposed loan amount and uses.
To begin an active dialogue with ABVIG Partners, require sending a letter of intent (L01) in the case that your project finance requires technical formatting to meet donor requirement ABVIG with its technical partners will only assist in preparing your financial proposal with consultancy fees.
ABVIG Financial Consultants and Advisors Our team works closely with the International and local professional business advisors of prospective Investors and borrowers (including investment bankers, business and financial consultants, and accountants) to design an optimal term loan structure that meets OUR clients’ needs:

  • Advisor is paid for by the prospective borrower through service fees and success fees/commission charges ranging from 1-40% depending on the service required and amount involved 
  • Advisor assists the prospective borrower with its business plan with projections 
  • ABVIG addresses Letter of Intent to both advisor and prospective borrower and lending investors Advisors retainer and success fees may be financed by and disbursed at closing to assure timely payment
  • ABVIG facilitated loans preserve existing shareholder ownership and control, making our loans very attractive for family-owned and private equity controlled businesses
  • Advantages of working with ABVIG loan partners and investors include our international lending expertise, flexibility to finance many types of transactions and projects, and proven track record of successfully closed deals around the world