International Business Summit

African Business Ventures and Investment Group (ABVIG) also known as Africa Business Ventures and Investment International Nigeria Ltd organizes international business summit in different countries across the world, some of which includes United States of America (USA), Canada, China, Russia, United Kingdom (UK). These offers an opportunity for CEOs, Business owners, Senior Civil Servants, Diplomats and Education Professionals, government officials, Students.

Some of the Benefits you get is:

  1. To Network
  2. To Expand your Knowledge and find solutions.
  3. To Present your ideas and works to others.
  4. To Learn beyond your field or interest.

General Immigration services

ABVIG renders assistance in Immigration services. We support Visa/Passport Application and Renewals process within a good time frame. We assist in checking your documents, fill out Visa/Passport application and follow up.


  1. We follow up to ensure your Visa is approved.
  2. We follow up to ensure your Passport is ready within (14) working days.  

Flight& Hotel ticket reservation

We offer a variety of services to clients there include, purchasing airline tickets, making Hotel/Resort/Airbnb reservation and airport pickups.


  1. Ensure clients experience the best trip possible.
  2. Determine the accommodation for client’s particular needs.
  3. Offer complete travel package from various airlines and resorts/hotels.

Company Registration and Renewal

ABVIG helps entrepreneurs’/business owners register their businesses in Nigeria and Ghana. Our services enable your company to renew their registration, as renewal is a must to all company, in order to keep its good reputation. We provide you with information on all the necessary document needed for a successful company registration in Nigeria and Ghana.


  1. Fast
  2. Reliable
  3. Easy

Real Estate Development & Sales

ABVIG got you covered if you are looking for a property to purchase or rent in Ghana and Nigeria. We are a reputable company with years of experience. Looking for a home to buy or sell, then you’ve just found the best agency. We are licensed professionals who represent buyers or sellers in real estate transactions.


  • We ensure to find available homes most suitable for our clients.
  • We have extensive market knowledge.
  • We provide valuable price guidance.

Sales & Lease of Marine and earth moving equipment.

We understand the needs of today’s shippers and shipping carrier companies. When you have a river transportation need whether it’s cargo shipping, we provide good services. Our sales and leasing offers include, Marine equipment and earth moving equipment.


  • Reduced risk
  • Expertise and stress free transition

Aircraft/Private Jet Sales/lease

We partner with some leading aircraft/private jet companies across the globe, some of which include Nizjet Development Prospect: Large Cabin Jets, 2022 AvBuyer Ltd, AvBuyer Africa, Hummer Machines GmbH. We offer the best preowned products in the industry. Our company help clients through the process of purchase or lease and delivery of Aircrafts.


  • Ensure a seamless and pleasant buying
  • Quality Aircraft for sale


ABVIG rent/hire cars, buses, trucks, vans to clients for a period of time (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and also provide cargo delivery services through airline in Nigeria and Ghana. We have about 30 trucks available to lease out or rent in Ghana and Nigeria. We guarantee the quality of our vehicles.


  • We offer the most affordable truck rentals
  • Best customer service