Who We Are

The Africa Business Ventures and Investment group (ABVIG Ghana) is Multi- Purpose Company incorporated in Ghana and Nigeria, West Africa in 2013 to promote inter-country trade and investments through the AIEMTI and to facilitate Foreign Direct Investment through its services. The company is recently registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria under the Name Africa Business Ventures and Investments International Nigeria Limited.

The company areas of operation include international Summits, provision of Heavy logistics/ Earth Moving and Marine Equipment for mineral exploration and mining in Agriculture, oil and gas, and consultancy in fundraising infrastructural projects and re-capitalization of private and commercial banks in Africa and facilitation of international trade mission and industrial /Business tours.

Innovation and Strategy Africa Business Venture and Investment Group (ABVIG) is a multi-business company that is incorporated in Ghana. Our business include Exploration & exportation of Minerals including Gold, Oil & Gas, Oil Refinery Plants, Bio-gas technology development, Logistics & Heavy Equipment for land and marine, Business Summits/conferences/seminars/and Consultancy in financial and other services.

ABVIG will achieve it business objectives through networking and partnership of various business stakeholders including governments and private sector groups and individuals to implement development projects in Africa, especially West Africa to ensure supply and access to resources. Many of our African countries require large Infrastructure Development to Support economic and social projects. ABVIG comes to promote partnership between stakeholders in development and to help find the investors to drive growth in the following ways:

  • The economic infrastructure to drive Africa’s industrial sectors 
  • Infrastructure development to support the development of high growth sectors
  • Public-Private Ownership in delivering critical economic and export infrastructure in Africa
  • Transport infrastructure for the African people and industries
  • Support for foreign direct investments and industry investors’ collaboration to deliver on infrastructure needs to support the larger economy.
  • Access to financial, technical and logistical resources needed to support the development efforts of our nations


The Africa Business Venture International Group has partners all across the world together with whom we are supercharging Africa’s development agenda. Contact Us to find out how you can become a partner. Contact Us To Learn About How We Can Help You.

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